Friday, March 11, 2005

Roman sarcophagus lid

Roman sarcophagus lid
Roman sarcophagus lid, originally uploaded by mharrsch.
In the courtyard, we found an extensive collection of funerary monuments and sarcophagi. I found this sarcophagus lid especially poignant with a reclining man lovingly cradling a bust of his wife.

"In your place I have only your image as solace; this we cherish with reverence and lavish with flowers. When I come with you, it follows in attendance. But to whom in my visiting can I trust a thing so venerable? If there ever is anyone to whom I can entrust it, I shall be fortunate in this alone now that I have lost you. But-woe is me-you have won the contest-my fate and yours are the same." - Allia Potestas, late 3rd-4th cent. C.E.

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